Volunteer Opportunities

Community is a shared experience and dedicated volunteers are invaluable to parks.

Volunteers provide a major investment in Parks through their time and effort. Please sign up to share your talents, skills and passions. We welcome your ideas! How would you like to volunteer?

Boy Scout Eagle Projects

We are currently looking for a scout troop or a group to help mulch trails at Green Hills Wildlife Preserve, this upcoming 2024 season.

There are many service opportunities in Platte County parks that would make a great Eagle Scout project.   We would love to hear about your ideas! Email Jackie at [email protected] today for opportunities!

Community Gardens

Barry Platte Park: 8526 NW Old Stagecoach Road
This garden is an established garden, and meets on Thursday mornings.

Community Garden @ Prairie Creek Greenway: Located in the Timber Park subdivision at the Sycamore Drive Trailhead of Prairie Creek Green way in Platte City. 13300 Sycamore Drive
As Platte City gears up for the second season of its community garden, we're excited to invite volunteers and aspiring gardeners to join us in cultivating a vibrant green space. Whether you lack the space at home or are simply eager to plant herbs, vegetables, or flowers, our community garden provides the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and fellow enthusiasts. Together, we can foster a sense of community, share gardening knowledge, and harvest the rewards of collective efforts. Join us in making this season a blooming success and be a part of the growth in Platte County Parks' community garden!

General Volunteer Inquiries

Send a note to Jackie below to learn more about volunteering.