Southern Platte Pass

Southern Platte Pass

Managed by City of Kansas City, City of Parkville, Partially Funded by a Missouri Department of Transportation Grant

Joining people and facilities together is the main theme of Southern Platte Pass. The Pass is a great way to navigate the busy city streets without the use of a car. Southern Platte Pass is part of the MetroGreen and Northland Trails Vision Plan.

The trail runs through a densely populated area of the county and is easily accessible. The trail connects two cities, three schools and the Platte County Community Center South. The expansion has been completed to include: to the west from K Highway to Brush Creek. The trail begins in Parkville at K Highway and travels east along the south side of 45 Highway to the N Gower trailhead, where it connects with Line Creek Trail. Along the north side of 45 Highway, the trail runs from Cosby Ave to 9 Highway. For information, please call Kansas City Parks at 816-513-7500 or the City of Parkville at 816-741-7676.

Hours Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Phone Phone: 816-513-7500

Distance Distance: 6.5 miles (South of 45 Hwy)
Surface Surface: Asphalt
Distance 2 Segment 2 Distance: 2 miles (North of 45 Hwy)
Distance 3 Segment 3 Distance: 1.3 miles (K Hwy to Brush Creek)