Weston Bluffs Trail

Weston Bluffs Trail

Managed by Missouri State Parks/City of Weston

Weston Bluffs Trail offers an opportune way to get close to the Missouri River and nature. The trail follows the Missouri River and the historic path of Lewis and Clark. The route begins at Weston City Hall and follows the old South Bluff Road corridor and ends at the south trailhead in Beverly.

Weston Bluffs Trail is a nice addition to the charming town of Weston. It's an easy ride from downtown to the trail. The trail offers many opportunities for wildlife viewing including deer, raccoon, fox and many different species of birds.

Six interpretive exhibits along the trail showcase the Lewis and Clark voyage. The trail also provides access to Weston Bend State Park.  Maintenance and security are provided by the City of Weston and Weston Bend State Park. For information, please call 816-640-2752.

Weston Bluffs Trail follows the western border of the park and runs parallel to the Missouri River and Burlington Northern Railway. This trail is popular with hikers and bicyclists looking for a pleasant, non-strenuous outing. Along with occasional glimpses of the Missouri River, it is possible to see migrating birds and waterfowl.

The trail connects the state park with the city of Weston on the north and with the village of Beverly to the south. From the park's picnic area, it is 1.25 miles to Weston and 2 miles to the trailhead near Beverly. With the trail's direct connection to downtown Weston, this trail is often used by park visitors wishing to make a trek to shop or dine in town without taking a motor vehicle. The north half of the trail is paved with asphalt while the southern half is a fine gravel surface. Although generally flat, there are gentle grades and changes of elevation.

White Connector 1 (0.20 miles) links the West Ridge and Harpst trails to Weston Bluffs Trail. The connector takes hikers from the scenic bluffs above the Missouri River on the West Ridge/Harpst trails down to Weston Bluffs Trail that follows the park's western border and parallels the Missouri River and the Burlington Northern Railway.

Address Park Address:
300 Main St
Weston, MO 64098
Hours Hours: Dusk to Dawn
Phone Phone: 816-640-2752
URL Official Web URL: Click Here
Historical Landmarks Historical Landmarks: Lewis and Clark Trail

Route Type Trail Type: Linear Trail
Distance Distance: 3.25 Miles
Elevation Elevation Gain: 200 ft
Surface Surface: Limestone/Partially Paved