Visit the Barry-Platte Community Garden!

Barry Platte Community Garden is where visitors are welcome to plant, maintain and harvest. Please follow the Nextdoor App: Barry Heights for more information on weekly meetups. The garden's harvest provides for the local community surrounding the garden.
"I would love to introduce people to the idea of gardening. Anyone is welcome to come grow food."
~Marianne Stone, Director of the Community Garden-Barry Platte Park
Community is a shared experience and dedicated volunteers are invaluable to the parks. Platte County Parks appreciates all volunteer efforts! Volunteering is not limited to the community garden. We have many programs and events throughout the year, whether it be dogs, fishing, kayaking or art, we have something for everyone. You are sure to find something that sparks and interest. Share with us your talents, skills and passions. We welcome any and all volunteer ideas.
Meetup work days are Thursdays at 9am for volunteering or people wanting to get involved.
Community Vegetable Garden-All are welcome! Please enjoy the garden, Work if you are able, Harvest what you need!