How to Duplicate an Event Post

From the WordPress Dashboard:

  1. Click Posts > All Posts
  2. Mouse over the title of the post you want to duplicate
  3. In the list of text options that show up underneath the post, click ‘Duplicate This’
    duplicate this
  4. The new post will appear with the same name, but marked as a Draft. Move over the title and click Edit.
  5. Change the title, and make sure the permalink underneath changes to match the title. Edit manually if needed.
    post permalink
  6. Under Categories, check “Events”
  7. Add any applicable Tags (dogs, kids, etc.)
  8. Under Astra, change Page Header to “Events”
  9. Under Featured Image, click “Set featured image”
  10. Click Upload files > browser > upload > Set featured image
  11. Click Save Draft
  12. Click BeaverBuilder tab (it usually launches the editor automatically, but if not, you may have to click the blue ‘Launch BeaverBuilder’ button)
  13. Click the text areas you want to edit and replace content with information for the new event.
  14. When finished, in top right click Done > Save Draft or Publish if it’s ready to go live
  15. To begin editing again, click the BeaverBuilder tab at the top
    beaverbuilder bar

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